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ClassOne Insight™ helps companies address their most important business challenges – their “Class One” problems or opportunities. These are problems that prevent a business from functioning effectively, or opportunities that would enable substantial performance improvements or business growth. These issues may be short-term and already acute, or longer-term but potentially critical. Even if already under scrutiny, these Class One challenges can benefit from additional insight gained through the use of broader or more unique data, dramatically improved analysis, and consistent delivery of that information in a form that is customized and easily usable.

The ClassOne Insight information service aggregates, processes, and analyzes data from disparate sources and delivers useful information and valuable business insights via innovative Hybrid InfoStreams™. Data can be drawn from internal corporate systems or repositories, external data services, or virtually any other source of structured or unstructured data, and a wide variety of analysis techniques can be applied. The resulting InfoStreams are customized and delivered consistently to business users, available for immediate use with common analysis or reporting tools. There is no need for further processing or integration, and the InfoStreams can be easily updated to support continuous business evolution.

In addition to providing the InfoStream service, ClassOne Insight consults with companies on operational efficiency and business performance, focusing on improving a company’s use of information to understand and optimize its results. ClassOne Insight’s leaders have extensive experience in both operating and consulting roles, and have worked with executives and operating managers in diverse functional areas across multiple industries. They have contributed to many substantial business performance improvements, with a consistent emphasis on innovative information usage as the foundation for those improvements.


John McGrory, CEO

John McGrory serves as ClassOne Insight’s Chief Executive Officer, and leads the company’s overall strategy and execution. Prior to ClassOne, John led three other enterprise software and service companies, all of which were focused on both achieving dramatic improvements in customers’ business performance and delivering high levels of customer service. John was founder and CEO of Edge Dynamics, a leading provider of channel commerce management solutions for the life sciences industry; CEO of RedKlay, a provider of ERP and commerce solutions to discrete manufacturers; and founder and CEO of Applicast, an application service provider delivering ERP and CRM solutions.

Gregg Kasten, Vice President, Products and Services

Gregg Kasten leads the design and development of ClassOne Insight’s technology and InfoStream service. Gregg’s career has been focused on building products and deploying solutions that meet customers’ needs to improve operational efficiency and optimize financial performance. He has worked with customers in several industries, including life sciences, manufacturing, logistics, and technology, and has held leadership positions in product management, engineering, and professional services at Edge Dynamics, a leading provider of channel commerce management solutions for the life sciences industry; Applicast, an application service provider delivering ERP and CRM solutions; and Oracle, the leading database vendor.

Al Matsui, Vice President, Business Operations

Al Matsui serves as ClassOne Insight’s Vice President of Business Operations. Al has spent many years managing operations at companies that serve the healthcare and life sciences industries. Prior to ClassOne, he was Vice President of Finance and Operations of Edge Dynamics, a leading provider of channel commerce management solutions for the life sciences industry, and Director of Finance and Operations at Confer Software, a provider of enterprise process management solutions for the healthcare industry. Al also held finance and operations positions at Siemens, IBM, and ROLM, and served as an auditor for Deloitte, Haskins and Sells.

Dan True, Director, Product Development

Dan True leads development of ClassOne Insight’s application technology and manages customer application services. Dan’s experience includes over 20 years in the enterprise software and services industry, including work in application architecture, engineering, technical consulting, customer deployment, and product management. Prior to ClassOne, Dan held positions with several software and services providers, including Oracle, Revitas, Edge Dynamics, and Bay Street Solutions (now Perficient).