Core Technologies

Businesses rely on information to succeed and to grow. Unfortunately, cohesive usage of the information and the insights it holds are rarely achieved, thereby making business intelligence a dream instead of a reality. Add to this the stray data not on secure systems but on spreadsheets and PCs and you have an incomplete picture at best of the business and its needs. Each of those information sources may be easy enough to access in isolation, but true insights that improve your business come from linking those disparate pieces together, or in linking those pieces with additional external or 3rd-party data.

Our Data Management, Modeling & Analysis, and Information Delivery services make this all possible: Our service collects and validates your disparate data, augments it with further intelligence, and returns it to you as an InfoStream – a complete and robust model that you can use with your already-familiar existing desktop analysis tools, such as Microsoft Excel®.

We begin by collecting your data on a periodic basis as appropriate for each data source. We establish a model that represents all of your business data, fully aligned and linked together enabling you to see areas of your business side-by-side. This side-by-side view shows the impacts that one part of the business has on the other.

Then we augment that data to give you unparalleled insight into your business. We provide this insight in two ways: we categorize your data according to business dimensions that are already present in your data, and we also augment it with our Knowledge Tree™ Engine to "flesh out" categories that are not explicitly obvious in your data. For example, our Knowledge Tree Engine can group your data by non-municipal geographic regions (e.g. U.S. Government Metropolitan Statistical Areas) that are not explicitly present in your data. Or we can deduce categories from otherwise dissimilar or misaligned data (such as recognizing that "Walgreens Store #492" is part of the same company as "Sacramento Downtown Wal-Green", or that "St. Jude Hospital" and "Duke Medical Center" are both hospitals). These processes and techniques unlock the insights hidden in your previously disparate data by giving you business-relevant categories by which you can summarize or even "drill down" deep into the details.

We deliver this information back to you in a form that you can use: the InfoStream. Our InfoStream format is not only fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, but it also unlocks some of Excel's more powerful interactive reporting and graphing capabilities. Since Excel is a tool you already own and know how to use, you can reap the benefits of your new business insights immediately – no new software purchases, and no new training required.

Your InfoStream's rich, interactive data set, paired with our industry-specific pre-built reports and analyses gives immediate access to actionable business intelligence, relevant to your business. You can use and manipulate the many pre-built reports and analyses that we deliver with our industry solutions, or you can even build your own new reports from the easy-to-use InfoStream.

In short, our InfoStream Service enriches your disparate data and makes it usable by you directly via your own tools, and our analysis techniques and Knowledge Trees enhance the meaning of that information and make it even easier for you to slice-and-dice your information in new, more practical ways.

ClassOne Insight's InfoStreams provide you with Innovative Intelligence – Delivered – for your business.