ClassOne aggregates, processes, and analyzes data from disparate sources and delivers actionable information, valuable business insights and business intelligence via our innovative InfoStreams™. Containing your business's knowledge, our InfoStreams are customized and delivered with pre-built analyses to people in your organization, available for immediate use with your current desktop tools. With no need for further processing or integration, the InfoStreams are easily updated to support continuous business evolution.

As a customer of ClassOne Insight, you need no hardware or software. Moreover, unlike other approaches, our innovative approach doesn't require your users to learn how to use new reporting and analysis tools. Our novel InfoStream technology works with the tools already on your desktop. As a partner with Microsoft, our approach integrates with their Office® applications.

No longer does your data need to be tied up in silos, hardly accessible or useable. ClassOne's InfoStream service integrates your data into useable, actionable business intelligence to help your business improve service, decrease costs and improve revenue.