(Traditional, Biotech, Specialty)

ClassOne Insight works with pharmaceutical manufacturers across traditional, biotech, and specialty business models. We work with a wide range of pharma companies, from emerging to mature and serving patient populations from orphan to mainstream. We have extensive experience in commercial and patient operations, and we work with our customers to analyze, optimize, and execute their businesses. We are committed to providing deep functional expertise, robust and innovative technology, and comprehensive customer service.

We work with our customers to understand their business challenges and opportunities, and help them achieve excellence in execution. We provide cloud-based data management and processing for specialized functions, support for business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and expert consulting. All of our solutions and services are based on our sophisticated and easily-accessible capabilities in data aggregation, computation, analysis, reporting, and delivery that are available through our InfoStream Service. We combine our expertise, technology, and service to develop solutions in the following areas.

  • State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR)
    • SPTR Processing – for monitoring, analysis, reporting
    • SPTR Submissions – for submitting reports to states
    • SPTR Audit – for retroactive processing, analysis, reporting
    • SPTR Library – for legislation and supporting documentation
    • SPTR Compliance – for policy and process development
    • SPTR Consulting – for expertise on all aspects of the domain
    • ... more
  • Government Pricing and Discount Programs
    • Government Pricing – policy implementation, data aggregation & quality analysis, calculations, reporting
    • Medicaid Rebates – invoice and adjustments reconciliation, payment calculations, response documents
    • Medicare Gap invoice conversion, payment calculations, and response document production
    • TRICARE invoice conversion and payment calculation
    • Class Of Trade evaluation and assignment
    • PHS / 340B eligibility determination
  • Patient Support Programs and Patient Case Management
    • Analysis and optimization of patient support programs and operations
    • Analysis of patient case management data, including scheduling, follow-up, auditing
    • Optimization of new patient onboarding
    • Monitoring and expediting of insurance approval and claims analysis
    • Analysis of patient compliance and adherence
    • Analysis of physician and facility activities and effectiveness
  • Sales and Channel Management
    • Aggregation and analysis of all available data, including operational channel data (852s, 867s, shipments), Chargebacks, Rebates, Returns, Reimbursements, and others
    • Identification of revenue leakage from chargebacks, rebates, and returns
    • Analysis and reporting from aggregate data to support other business functions
    • Analysis of sales territory coverage and campaign effectiveness
  • Forecasting and Finance
    • Analysis of Forecast-to-Actual and forecasting effectiveness
    • Tactical forecasting using all available data
    • Analysis of program cost and revenue generation
    • Audit support

ClassOne can usually start delivering results in as little as a few weeks and uses a highly-iterative process for configuring and tuning the InfoStream models, analytics, and reports. The resulting analyses and reports can be accessed through common tools such as Microsoft Excel®, so no new software is required. The investment in time and money is much smaller than for other applications or services, and the value is exceptional – as measured by concrete financial impact or other operational benefits.