(Traditional, Biotech, Specialty)

ClassOne Insight works with traditional, biotech and specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers, ranging from companies serving large patient populations with traditional commercial business practices, companies with specialized distribution and product handling needs as well as manufacturers serving specialized or limited patient populations (including orphan and ultra orphan drugs). ClassOne has extensive experience with all aspects of commercial operations in the pharmaceutical industry, and works with customers to analyze, understand, and optimize business practices, business intelligence, revenues and costs.

ClassOne's approach is based on our ability to work with customers to understand their most important business challenges and opportunities, and to provide sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting and analysis capabilities via our InfoStream Service. Among the most unique of ClassOne's capabilities is the combining of disparate data from multiple sources for integrated analysis. For example, our traditional channel customers receive InfoStreams that provides a single, consolidated view of the business encapsulating areas such as operational channel data (shipments, 852s, 867s), channel contractual/financial data (chargebacks, rebates, sales, costs, etc.), 3rd-party data (e.g. IMS, Wolters Kluwer) and other business knowledge (sales territories, campaigns) into one view of the business. Our specialty and orphan drug customers receive InfoStreams that combine those things further with patient, case, insurance, and physician data.

The InfoStream capabilities are based on proprietary technologies for data management, modeling and analysis, and information delivery, and they provide a superior combination of functionality, usability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, compared to other tools or services. We compliment your existing resources to extend the value they provide without increases in overhead. All of this without the need to purchase or install any software or commit to long-term contracts.

Some areas in which ClassOne provides unique value to its pharmaceutical customers include:

  • Case Management
    • Modeling and analyzing patient case management data
    • Call follow-up and appointment auditing
    • Optimizing the onboarding of new patients
    • Insurance approval and claims analysis
  • Patient Management
    • Patient Compliance and Adherence
    • Patient-Product Movement
    • Physician Analysis
  • Government Pricing and Discount Programs
    • Government Pricing Calculations
    • Medicare Gap Invoice Conversion, Payment Calculations, and Response Document Production
    • TRICARE Invoice Conversion and Payment Calculation
    • Medicaid Rebates Invoice and Adjustments Reconciliation, Payment Calculations, and Response Documents Production
  • Forecasting
    • Forecast-to-actuals
    • Forecast effectiveness analysis
    • Tactical forecast using 852 and 867 data
  • Finance
    • Cost of programs vs. revenue generation
    • Tactical forecasts
    • Revenue projections
  • Creative Channel Management
    • Consolidated view of Operational Channel Data (852s, 867s, shipments) with other data such as Chargebacks, Rebates, Returns, Reimbursements
    • Sales Territory and Campaign Effectiveness Analysis
    • Minimize revenue leakage via chargebacks, rebates and returns
  • Data Source Integration
    • Combining disparate data from multiple systems
    • Modeling new information from existing data

ClassOne can usually start delivering results in as little as two to three weeks and uses a highly-iterative process for configuring and tuning the InfoStream models, analytics, and reports. The InfoStream can be accessed through common tools such as Microsoft Excel®, so no new software is required. The investment in time and money is much smaller than for other analytics tools and services, and the resulting value – as measured by concrete financial impact or other operational benefits – is exceptional.