Service Model

Our InfoStream Services are delivered exclusively on a subscription basis and are offered as four components:

InfoStream Data Processing and Management

Data processing and management is at the core of what we do. This includes periodic collection of your raw data from you, validation and verification of that data's completeness and consistency, conversion of that data into an InfoStream (linking of your data, as well as application of all of our novel analysis techniques and Knowledge Tree generation), and delivery of this InfoStream back to you. From collection of your raw data to delivery, your data is subjected to stringent security protocols – from secure transmission when your data is moved between your site and our service, to secure, private, and reliable protections while it is in our hands.

InfoStream Analytics Maintenance and Support

We don't leave you stranded. While our InfoStreams provide a rich set of intelligence, we understand that rich data sets and rich information can generate questions from your users. Those questions may be ones of basic usage, or they may be questions about the actual meaning of the data. Many providers of business reporting technology will help you with usage, but are unable to help you understand the purpose or meaning of your data and reports. We don't draw such a line in the sand! Our staff is available to help you understand how, why and what data elements mean and how they aggregate together.

InfoStream Enhancements

Over the lifecycle of our relationship with you, you may desire enhancements to your InfoStream. We provide enhancements so that it evolves with your business.

Reports & Analyses, Functional Model, and InfoStream Intelligence: While your InfoStream enables you to modify and create new reports on your own, you may prefer to have ClassOne do this on your behalf. Or you may identify some new business relationships in your data that you would like represented in your InfoStream. Or perhaps you need a new sophisticated calculation or algorithm to augment your existing reports.

Data: Perhaps you want to further extend the insights in your InfoStream by adding a new data source, or adding new fields from one of your existing sources. In such a case, we would work with you to establish a feed of that data so that we can include it in your InfoStream. We are ready to respond to your needs on this front quickly, without bureaucracy and overhead!

Expert Consulting

We are not simply technology providers – we are experts in your industry. At a minimum, our employees have extensive experience consulting and advising in your industry; but many of our employees have actual experience working as employees at businesses in your industry.

We understand more than just data – we understand your data and your business.